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DIY Prize Drawing Entry


Want to get some help with your next project? You know you do. Just 25 tickets gets you an extra entry into the DIY drawing and increases your odds of winning!

Added: February 3, 2015

Local Prize Drawing Entry


Having trouble fitting all of Pierce County into your budget? If you give us 25 tickets we'll give you an extra entry into the Local Drawing.

Added: February 3, 2015

Food Prize Drawing Entry


Having culinary dreams? 25 tickets is all it takes to get and extra entry into the drawing and one step closer to winning!

Added: February 3, 2015

Books Prize Drawing Entry


Book buying costing more than you thought? You could use the library or you could pony up 25 tickets and we know some people who could get you an extra entry into the drawing.

Added: February 3, 2015

Grand Prize Drawing Entry


Your sights are set a little higher, we get it. Just 50 tickets gets you an extra entry into the grand prize drawing at the end of the year.

Added: February 3, 2015

Bling Badge


Like to throw your wealth... of tickets... around? Buy this bling badge and let people know just how many tickets you have!

Added: February 3, 2015

Community Avatar


Feeling philanthropic? Just 100 tickets and you can get the whole Scout community a new avatar of your choosing. It's not tax deductible but we're pretty sure everyone on Scout would appreciate your efforts!

Added: February 3, 2015

Personalized Avatar


Want something no one else has? Let us build you a custom avatar! We have a few restrictions, but we're ready to get creative with you! 200 tickets will help you make your Scout profile super unique.

Added: February 3, 2015