The badge you’re looking for has been retired. Most likely this badge was connected to a specific event or an annual program that Pierce County Library System offers. Usually, you can expect to find a new version of this badge around the same time the following year, full of new activities to explore. All retired badges are listed below.


Scout Trivia Master

Attend one of the library's upcoming pub trivia nights to earn this limited-time badge!


Scout Summoner

Help the Scout community by signing up some new faces. Give us one friend and we’ll give you a badge.


Scout Charmer

Consider yourself pretty charming? Do us a solid and get three new faces to sign up and we’ll give you this cool badge.


Scout Whisperer

If people pretty much do whatever you tell them to do, then get ten new faces to sign up. We’d owe you one…well a badge that is.


Scout Magnet

Are you the charismatic ruler of a small nation…of potential Scout users? Then we’d like to talk to you about bringing Scout some new faces!