Bug: Submission Activities

Greetings Scouts!

We want to make you all aware of a some bugs that cropped up as a result of our recent updates. While we strive to make our updates and improvements as bug-free as possible, sometimes these little buggers sneak through anyway.

There are currently a few issues connected to submission type activities in badges that are giving users some trouble:

  • Scouts using the Internet Explorer web browser are having trouble completing submission activities at all. We strongly recommend that you use an alternative browser such as Chrome or Firefox until we’ve addressed this bug.
  • Scouts are not seeing their points reflected on a badge after successfully submitting an activity. Simply leave the badge and return and you should see your points reflected in the badge.
  • Scouts are seeing a bunch of information reviewing the contents of their submission in the place of the traditional “Done!” label. This shouldn’t impact doing any other activities, but it is unnecessary information that we’ll work to remove again.

We apologize for any convenience and/or confusion these bugs have caused you, and are working to address them as soon as possible. We’ll update this post when we make progress on addressing the three issues above.



Rewards & More

Greetings Scouts!

We’ve got some great new features to announce today to help make Scout more fun and rewarding for all of our users.


We’ve expanded our rewards offerings by opening up the new Rewards Catalog. As you earn points in Scout you’ll also earn tickets (1 ticket for every 10 points), which you can exchange for special rewards like custom avatars and extra prize drawing entries.

Social Sharing

Share Scout activities on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Finish a hard-earned badge that you want to show off? Find an incredible or inspiring contribution by another Scout member? One click gets you right to posting an activity on your favorite social network.

We hope you enjoy these new features and as always, let us know what you think in the comments!



Community Update #3: New Avatars!

Hi Scout fans!  A while back we asked you what kinds of avatars you’d be interested in.  Well guess what? The new avatars are ready for you!  We now have boy and girl pirates and zombies, a bearded man, a dragon, a robot, and a cat.  And as an added bonus we have added a girl with a side ponytail for all of us who remember those awesome hairdos of the 1980’s.

Change your avatar here!

Express your inner Scout with one of the new avatars and as always…

Happy Scouting!



Bug: Blank Notifications

Hello Scout Fans! Many of you have reported receiving blank notifications within Scout over the last few weeks. We’ve identified the cause of these blank notifications and are working hard on a fix that we hope to apply soon. In the meantime try to ignore these notifications and refrain from deleting them as our fix will have a good chance of restoring them to their original content. Generally, these notifications would have been generated from completing activities, logging books, or having an activity liked by another member. Thanks again for your patience and we’ll update you again when the fix is live.

Happy Scouting!

– the Scout Team


Fixed: Book/ISBN Entry Bugs

Hey there, Scout fans! Good news – we’ve fixed those pesky issues we’ve been having with ISBN entry:

  • You no longer need to refresh the page between books if you’re logging several in a row.
  • Books no longer get permanently stuck processing (though they can still take up to 30 seconds to process – speeding things up is next on our list!).
  • All books now show the correct title when displayed in the activity stream.

We’ve tested all of these fixes using ISBNs that had given us trouble previously, and everything seems to be working great. If you still have trouble with any of these things, or if you find any other problems, please let us know using the Feedback Button at the bottom of the page!

Thanks to all of you who reported these issues to us! We appreciate your patience while we worked on them, and we apologize for the frustration they caused. Thanks for sticking with Scout as we iron out the kinks!



Scheduled Maintenance: Complete

Update 8:13AM: We’ve completed our scheduled maintenance and Scout is now back online for everyone to enjoy! Thanks for your patience!

Greetings everyone!

We’ll be closing Scout for some brief maintenance Thursday morning, June 26th, from approximately 7AM to 8PM. During this time Scout will be unavailable as we perform some routine maintenance and behind-the-scenes upgrades. This maintenance will not affect member accounts or progress  made in Scout badges and activities.

We’ll see you on the other end!

-the Scout Team


Bug: Book/ISBN Entry

Hello, Scout fans! Bad news – we’ve discovered a bug that affects ISBN entry activities. If you enter two or more books in a row on the same page, Scout doesn’t catch all of them. This usually happens while logging your reading on your dashboard, but can also occur while working on a badge that has more than one book entry activity.

We have our developers working hard on this, and we hope to have a fix in place soon! To make sure all your books get logged correctly in the meantime, check the activity feed after each book to make sure it went through, then refresh the page before you enter the next book.

Sorry about this, and a big thank you to everyone who sent feedback about this issue! If you have any questions or if you notice anything else amiss, please let us know using the Feedback button below.

Happy Scouting!
- the Scout Team