June Prize Drawing Winners!

Let’s all congratulate the following Scouts who won prizes in this round of prize drawings. The four categories to enter for this drawing were the Do It Yourself, Food, Local and Books prizes.

We will contact the winners soon and don’t forget to keep earning activities and buying extra contest entries in the Rewards Catalog of Scout. Redeem your activity points for entries or maybe something like a cool custom avatar. The grand prize drawing will be in December.



There’s No Place Like Home

We have some awesome posts for our Made in Washington Badge. Yes, the Other Washington. Or, do you say WaRshington, like my grandma? Okay, enough controversy… Did you know that Oberto Jerky was first made in WA Sate? Are you crafty? One Scout has noted that pinking shears were fashioned here. Redbox was also started here. And speaking of cinema, Scouts have mentioned the following films/TV shows, shot here in WA: 10 Things I Hate About You, The Hunt for Red October, Tommy Boy, Snow Falling on Cedars, 21 And Over, Double Jeopardy, and Stephen King’s Rose Red. Probably not so rosy!

As far as cool things your fellow Scouts in WA would invent, so far we have: a portable bathtub (for places that just have a shower), a pressure cooker powered by your average campfire,  flying/hovering skateboards and cars (especially for travel around our islands), an eco-friendly alternative source for energy, and anti-matter for spaceships, and then the spaceship itself – of course! And my own contribution: teleportation powder.

Keep up the good work Scouts of WA State!



See AnneC and Be HappY

Fellow Scout AnneC is spreading happiness in her family, her local community and the Scout world, too!

She leaves books for people to pick up at train stations (Little Free Library, Activity 2), including some of my favorites: Agatha Christie and Harry Potter.

She makes her own blackberry jam (Champion Forager, Activity 7). Speaking of food, she also helps her kids decorate their boring brown lunch bags, with fun and colorful apple stamps – so even the lunch bags look happy. (Apple Mania, Activity 4).

Her resolution for 2015 is happy, too.  “In 2015, I look forward creating new memories with my family, lots of fun & happiness.” (Fresh Start 2015, Activity 1) She also wrote a review of the book, “The Happiness Project” (Scout Picks: Self-Improvement, Activity 2). She says, “…the book outlines the author’s own happiness project. It is very practical and applicable for anyone just trying to live a happier life. Motivating and inspiring!”

AnneC’s happiness is motivating and inspiring. Thanks, AnneC  and Happy Scouting to all!



Member Highlights: Yoo hoo! Boo!

You have done a fabulous job with the Spook Seeker Badge. I now have a long list of local haunted places I want to visit, along with some eerie stories that I can pass on to scare the kids, and for that matter, the adults. Here are some spine tingling Spook Seeker highlights from your fellow Scouts:

Trekker writes about two alleged hauntings in the Black Diamond area, and one is at the Library?!


Redhead1974 describes a time when she was kneeling at church and something out of the ordinary flew her way:


And Alisa writes about Babbit, a ghost who sounds like he is up to no good:


Check out more stories and pictures of hauntings, ghosts and other unexplained phenomena, posted in the Spook Seeker Badge. Happy Hauntings!



December Prize Drawing

Today is drawing day!! A few lucky Scouts are going to win some prizes! We’re super proud of all the work everyone has done and we want to congratulate everyone on the great stuff you created. The work you’ve done is really its own rewa…

OK I get it, none of you are listening. Here are the winners!!

DIY Winners:

Food Winners:

Local Winners:

Books Winners:

And the grand prize winners are…

Over the next week we’ll be contacting you and asking where you want your prizes sent. For you grand prize winners, we’re going to need you to come in to the library and pick up your gift.

Thanks again to everyone! Don’t forget that next year we’ll have two prize drawings so keep getting those badges!



Member Highlight: Turkey Bloopers and Taffy-Pulls

Scout member DonnieLouise has a knack for culinary wit and wisdom:

Cooking Bloopers, Activity 3

“It was our third Thanksgiving as a married couple. I had roasted a turkey a few times before, but I was pregnant for the first time and maybe I was a little more absent minded than usual.” Were you ever worried, fellow Scouts, that you had accidentally poisoned your family during Gobble Day? Read on to see what happened, so it doesn’t happen to you (or your family) this Thanksgiving!

Candy Landslide, Activity 4

“By the way, saltwater taffy doesn’t usually have any salt in it. If it does, there is only a teaspoon to a batch.” Thanks, DonnieLouise, most of us had no idea! But that’s not all she shared about the sweet treat of taffy. You’ve heard of tractor-pulls? Well, there are also taffy-pulls. “Years ago, making taffy was a social occasion. There would be parties, called taffy pulls, during which people would partner off and pull the taffy for a long time. I discovered, as a little girl, that you if you didn’t pull the taffy enough, it cooled into a hard clear rock sort of state…” This taffy pulling business is a serious (but fun) responsibility. And who came up with the name “saltwater taffy” for taffy with no salt in it?!  Read on to see how it all began in 1883.

We look forward to reading (and seeing) more culinary wit and wisdom from other Scouts, especially during this holiday season!



Congrats to SharonK: first to 53 badges!

Fifty-three soccer balls? Fifty-three puppies? No, it’s 53 Scout badges. And just WHO earned them ALL? Please join us in congratulating SharonK, for being the very first scout to earn every badge! Whether she’s explaining that the hemlock tree bends at the top, or she’s sharing her favorite local used book store, or she’s hosting a “Willy Wonka Chocolate Night”, you have a treasure trove of inspiration to explore. Congratulations, SharonK!

But wait, there’s more! Our creative team is working on new badges. That’s right, 53 won’t be the total number for long. We’ll let you know when these new badges are up and running. In the meantime, another number to reach is 10,000 books…

Happy Scouting!



Community Update #3: New Avatars!

Hi Scout fans!  A while back we asked you what kinds of avatars you’d be interested in.  Well guess what? The new avatars are ready for you!  We now have boy and girl pirates and zombies, a bearded man, a dragon, a robot, and a cat.  And as an added bonus we have added a girl with a side ponytail for all of us who remember those awesome hairdos of the 1980’s.

Change your avatar here!

Express your inner Scout with one of the new avatars and as always…

Happy Scouting!



Community Highlights #2

Looking for creative inspiration? Try visiting Alaska! Okay, err… maybe not. But check out your fellow Scout member, “Alaskalark’s“ recent activity.  Alaskalark has posted a photo of her nifty nook book retreat (House of Books, Activity 5).

And where does she find the books to take to her nifty nook book retreat (other than the library of course)? Why, from her own stacks in the dining room (House of Books, Activity 4).

And when Alaskalark needs a break from reading (as if that’s possible), she knits pretty-in-pink shawls (Yarn Anywhere, Activity 4).

We hope this Community Highlight has tickled your creative fancy! The Scout community looks forward to seeing your photos and hearing about your creative adventures.



Community Update #2

Hello Scout fans! Last week you had the opportunity to vote on new avatars and the results are in!  The leaders are Cat and Dragon followed by a 4-way tie between Full Beard, Robot, Zombie, and Pirate. The good news is that our industrious avatar designer has offered to do all six! (Yeah, cheering for avatar designer!) So coming soon will be the chance to change your avatar to one of the new designs to help you reflect your inner Scout.

We now have over 1,200 participants in Scout who have earned over 125,000 points. You are all doing fantastic! In addition to new avatars, we have also opened up the Forums which are a place for you to talk and interact with each other outside of the badges. The Forums can be found under the ‘Community’ link on the Scout main page, the fourth link down. I took a quick look this morning and folks are talking about finding Little Free Libraries in their communities and the attributes of local parks for trails and walks as well as other aspects of Scouting.

We are so pleased that you are joining us on this fun adventure. Be sure to stop by your local branch to not only find the activity codes, and get an awesome tote bag for signing up, but to also say ‘Hi’ and let us know how you like Scout. Library staff love to hear when you are doing interesting things!